The Business of Spirituality

Many Lightworkers today are still working under the tribal attitudes that probably carry over from past lives when we were shamans, healers and tribal medicine men. In those days and places we didn’t have to fool with ‘making a living’, we could just live and take care of the tribe and the tribe took care of us.Now the world has evolved and there are new ways and new attitudes. We still need to take care of the tribe and the tribe is happy to take care of us, but all too often it’s we Lightworkers who aren’t making the shift into this new world and it’s actually causing problems for the tribe.We’re seeing an interesting revival of the Old Ways now. Some of the modern religions have done a good job of providing a framework for laws and social norms and mores, not to mention fodder for countless wars and atrocities, but it seems that they’ve left a lot of people looking for spirituality rather than providing an easy path to help integrate the body, mind and spirit and many people are actively beginning to seek alternative paths. These are our tribe; the seekers, the wanderers and those open-minded souls who intuitively feel that they should be looking inside themselves for the divinity that they can sense rather than looking outward to the invisible Gods that are forced upon them.A Lightworker is always going to be in the position of straddling the boundaries between the various realities. We don’t believe in the Universal Powers and the Universal Laws, we know that they are real and that they work because we’ve felt and experienced them.One of our missions is to help awaken others to those powers, and in many cases those others don’t believe that the powers actually exist because they have been taught that they have to be able to scientifically prove their concepts before they can be free to believe in them.At the same time the people that we are supposed to be helping to awaken are indoctrinated from birth into mainstream religions that tell them to have faith in the religious version of the supernatural while teaching that all other versions of the supernatural are unreal and evil.It’s no wonder that the tribe is confused and looking for relief and answers.Another problem here is that many of the Lightworkers are still breaking free of the attitudes and teachings of the mainstream religions. It’s hard to grow up being taught that “money is the root of all evil” and then being put into a position where one must learn to use money as a tool in order to help the tribe. Many Lightworkers feel that to accept money for teaching or healing actually sullies the teaching and healing and lessens its worth. I’ve also met Lightworkers who have difficulties accepting money or even bartered goods that are offered in exchange for teaching and healing.The tribe, on the other hand, is being taught that “you get what you pay for” because they are being indoctrinated into a consumer oriented society. When a Lightworker offers a service then the tribe expects to pay for that service just as they would pay a doctor or a plumber or a school teacher. When a Lightworker has an inner conflict over accepting payment it actually interrupts the flow of energy that exists between the tribe and the Lightworkers! We can’t teach that “energy doesn’t flow through tight muscles” and then create resistance to our energy flows.In the times before the industrial revolution and the rise of the consumer oriented cultures Light workers only had to straddle 2 worlds. We had to keep one foot out in the Universe and the other foot here in the collective illusion that the tribe creates as it flows along its daily path to awakening.Today we have to straddle 3 worlds. The Universe and the illusion are still there and we have to help bridge the gap between these for the tribe, but we also have to stay tapped into the financial world created by the consumerism of the modern times. The problem for many of us is that we literally don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to this new consumer society and no one has ever taught us how to integrate it into our teachings and practices in any useful way. In fact we’ve been taught that consumerism is bad and we’ve believed it even while espousing balance and harmony! We can just add this to the growing list of inner conflicts that are blocking our energy. I hope the tools and exercises in the book are helpful with balancing out some of those conflicts.Consumerism and the modern world Sometimes it can be hard to balance the realities of the worlds we straddle. We can directly attribute much of the rise of the New Age to the books and media distributed throughout our consumer society. In fact the tools and technologies of the Information Age have made it easier than ever before to develop a healing and teaching practice. There has never been a time in the known history of the human race when the common people, the regular, ordinary working people, have had access to the writings and teachings of every great discipline that has survived the purges of the religions and ravages of time. Today we can go to the bookstore, visit the library and read the websites and find vast amounts of information and guidance that previously would have been available only to the priests and royalty. Lightworkers have the ability to teach, heal and reach across vast distances to help the members of their tribe.Today the members of our tribes are scattered and it’s up to each of us to find them and then help provide the healing, teaching and guidance that they might need. We may not always be able to meet them face to face or heal them directly as in the old days, but that simply means that the modern Lightworker has to be more versatile, persistent and tolerant than ever before.

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